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As business owners we understand that it’s the details that matter to your customers and staff. Whether that means enticing displays that really show off your products, or great electronic point of sales systems (EPOS) that allow your team to help customers anywhere on the premises.

At Multicraft we ensure that all our work is designed to show your business in the best light, whether that’s signage, shop window and point of sale (POS) displays, or smart LED lighting configured to save you money on running costs. We always deliver a cost-effective dynamic solution.


If you’re looking for commercial electricians and electrical contractors with the experience and skill to install equipment at your marina or caravan park, look no further. Multicraft Electrical Services can fit service pedestals and distribution units to get your customers hooked up to the mains quickly and safely.


We can specify metering systems, and will deal with all the cabling and distribution units required.

Our years of experience will guarantee that we provide you with the most cost-effective solution for your needs. We are fully conversant with all safety and legislative requirements, so you can be confident that our work will be to the very highest of safety standards.


At Multicraft we understand how important it is to keep your business property safe and secure, not to mention your customers and staff. We can help you with a range of measures to help protect you and your company, such as alarm systems, access control and CCTV.


We assess your requirements, and then design bespoke installations for alarms/security systems, fire suppression, emergency lighting, access controls, automatic doors and other critical safety systems. All work is compliant with the government regulations, fully guaranteed and can be supported by a maintenance package if required.


All installation needs to be fit for purpose and flexible enough to meet your business’s needs; we design any type of business infrastructure, from wiring diagrams to full data cabling to deliver the results you need. 

We have created flexible data cabling set ups in shops for electronic point of sale (EPOS), supporting smart TV installations and digital displays. We also create solutions that allow offices and shops to move with the times, allowing layout and location changes by fitting recessed sockets in floors and surface mounted cabling solutions that can be reused again and again.

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